Frieze magazine on the iPad

Congrats to everyone at Frieze on their new, quarterly iPad incarnation.

I gave a little technical help at the latter stages of the launch (fun and games with getting into Apple’s Newsstand), and I’m very glad to see the finished publication.

Created using the Adobe DPS it has the same high-end design and beautifully presented imagery that you’d expect from the print edition, although the digital magazine also boasts specially commissioned video, audio and slideshows.

As ever, the more quality print magazines (and their creative teams) that are experimenting on tablets, the better.


Social engagements

Two talks in recent weeks, to engaged audiences asking nicely tricky questions.

First up I was at the Social Media Influence 2012 Conference, on a panel with Rob Crumbie of Recyclebank and Frances Brindle, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at the British Library.

And then I was speaking at the Reinventing Magazines Masterclass at The Guardian, alongside Danny Miller, co-founder of The Church of London, and Steve Watson, founder of Stack.

A few points that keep coming up in the discussions at these events:

  • HTML5 is going to increasingly be the tool of choice for presenting tablet app content. The multiple new devices arriving imminently will make native coding a slow and low-cost way to roll-out, and we need some standards for both editorial and advertisers.

  • Two interlinked problems are still circulating discussions around digital magazines: discoverability and sharing. How do you get a digital magazine found on the increasingly crowded virtual shelves of the app stores, and how can you enable users to share content (a key way to encourage discovery) when you’re also charging for access to the content (and don’t want pirate versions floating around). Ebooks face a similar problem.

  • Digital magazines are only part of the offering. Whether you’re a high-end fashion magazine or a small independent, your tablet incarnation will one of your brand’s offerings, alongside websites, social media channels, events, ebooks and a printed product.

    Image above by altemark.

  • Standard

    Indie Publishing Masterclass

    There are more magazine-related Masterclasses happening at the Guardian.

    There’s going to be a two-day weekend course on Independent Magazine Publishing, covering everything from business models and handling contributors, to the practicalities of printing and distribution.

    Again, Danny Miller and Steve Watson will be joining me to host it.

    And the ‘Reinventing Magazines’ event has sold so well that we’re running it again, on Wednesday 4th July.

    Image of Heidelberg offset printer by Stitch.


    Reinventing Magazines

    I’m part of a trio of speakers at a Guardian Masterclasses event called ‘Reinventing Magazines’. It’ll be an interactive Q&A for anybody interested in new models and innovation in magazines – covering both print and digital.

    Also speaking will Danny Miller, founder of The Church of London – the creative agency which publishes Little White Lies and Huck magazine, as well as Think Quarterly for Google.

    And we’ll have magazine champion Steve Watson of Stack – the innovative distributer of the best independent magazines.

    For more info and tickets head here

    Image above by noodlepie


    Social Media Influence 2012

    I’m going to be on one of the panels at the Social Media Influence 2012 conference in London on June 12.

    I’m going to be speaking alongside Rob Crumbie (Recyclebank), Philip Reisberger (Chief Revenue Officer at Bigpoint) and Frances Brindle, (Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications at The British Library).

    Among the hardcore social media strategists speaking will also be Alex Balfour (Head of New Media at London 2012) and Struan Robertson (Product Counsel at Google).

    Should be an interesting day. Info on attending, and all the other speakers, is here.

    Image above by lazybitez