Nelson Mandela

I’ve been writing for magazines, newspapers and websites since the turn of the century. These days I tend to cover stories that relate to technology, data, and strange cultural trends.

Here are a few examples of my work…

Breaking bad
As internet news outlets race to be first to a story, some of them are going a little too fast – attempting to pre-empt court verdicts, sports results and notable deaths.
Read it at Delayed Gratification

Mexican standoff
On 15th July 2013, the leader of the most brutal drug cartel in Mexico was finally arrested. Until the Mexican police took him in, only one enemy had ever truly defeated him – the shadowy super-geeks of Anonymous.
Read it at Delayed Gratification

Is having a child the ultimate crime against humanity?
The global population is growing beyond the planet’s ability to provide natural resources – so is it a sin to procreate? I took a deep dive into the data to try and find out.
Read it at Collectively

The blackmail algorithm
The Ashley Madison hack was just one example of our vulnerability to hackers. I looked at the techniques and technology being used to access your personal data.
Read it at Delayed Gratification

Your p@55word has expired
The most widespread and oldest form of digital security is fundamentally broken – we just haven’t accepted it yet. I took a look at just how vulnerable we are, and what the alternatives might be
Read it at Delayed Gratification

Planking and the contagiousness of culture
When the strange global trend for ’planking’ claimed its first victim, I took a look at meme theory and asks whether it can explain the sometimes fatal desire to impersonate a piece of wood
Read it at Delayed Gratification

Data-mapping to crush global epidemics
Trachoma is the leading infectious cause of blindness on the planet – and it’s preventable. I spoke to the people involved in the Global Trachoma Mapping Project, which has used open source technology and innovative data capture to help fight the infection.
Read it at Collectively

The big butt problem
What happens to that cig butt once it’s been flicked into the gutter? I took a look at the scale of the problem, and spoke to a few inventive companies who want to solve it.
Read it at Collectively

Illustration above by Vanessa Arnaud for Delayed Gratification.


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