Douglas Coupland interview

Douglas Coupland, author of 'Generation A'

I got the chance to interview Douglas Coupland for Time Out when he was in London doing the promo tour for the excellent ‘Generation A’.

You can read it here.

Probably the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever done – rambled all over the place, from the theories of Marshall McLuhan to the the imminent death of the telephone directory.

Several of Time Out’s international editions picked up the interview – Dubai and Hong Kong both have their versions online (the edit is identical, but you can check out the respective websites while you’re there).

There was plenty that I couldn’t fit into the word count. While we were talking about modern information overload (and McLuhan), Coupland: ‘When you’re faced with this mass of information – too much information – all you can do is pattern recognition’. I really like that idea – it works whether you’re looking at tiny shifts in data or massive cultural upheaval.

Coupland’s website is well worth exploring.


Stephen 'Freakonomics' Dubner interview


I interviewed Stephen Dubner, co-author (with Stephen Levitt) of  ‘Freakonomics’ and ‘Superfreakonomics’. Time Out London has it here.

The second book has more of an over-arching theme than the first, and the focus on cheap and simple solutions to major problems is nicely counter-intuitive.

I also don’t think there’s much arguing with Dubner about the idea of getting society as whole to change the way it does things: ‘Behaviour change is a bitch’.

There’s more Freakonomics on their New York Times blog.


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